Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Killer White Chili

This soup is the bomb! It has a nice bite to it and full of beans and fiber! It makes a fairly large size batch, but it only lasts us through dinner and I get a bowl for lunch. But then, my hubby loves soup, especially those with a kick to it. And it is the EASIEST soup to make! It's nice to have all the ingredients on hand so when you get in a time pinch, it's ready in likity split!

Killer White Chili

48 oz. jar Great Northern Beans

16 oz. salsa (get the amount of 'heat' that you like)

12 oz. beer (and no, it does not taste like beer, and you can get just one bottle at the store)

1 large can chicken

1/2 can chicken broth

12 oz. Monterey Jack cheese with peppers, cut into small chunks so they'll melt easy

Dump all the ingredients into a pan over medium heat and stir on occasion until cheese melts.

My hubby likes to put crushed tortilla chips or fritos on top.

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